Hello and welcome!

I am delighted that you have found your way here so I can share a little about Greenwood Elementary School and our community.

At Greenwood, our students receive a comprehensive education that nurtures their academic and social growth. We provide a safe, friendly environment in which children feel welcome and appreciated. We honor all learning styles and utilize research-based materials and “best practice” teaching strategies, so that all students make progress.

We are proud of the strength of our community at Greenwood. Parents and friends are welcome to visit and volunteer. We know that strong, positive school-home partnerships play an integral role in student success.

Greenwood is a community treasure! We are a center for neighborhood activities, athletics, and education. The population we serve has grown and changed over the years, but Greenwood’s commitment to excellence has not. Greenwood’s standard for high achievement combined with social compassion continue to make it a place where children are prepared to become successful and thoughtful contributors to our own society and to the world.

Ms. Tracey Marino