Monday 3/16/20 Craft

Today, we are offering a wonderful craft activity! Since many of our senior citizens in local nursing homes are unable to have visitors, we thought it may be a great idea to send cards so they feel the love and support from the Greenwood Community. If you can, it would be awesome if you could make one (or two, or three!) cards. Follow the directions below and deliver them to the box at Greenwood. We will take care of sending them to the Kennett Friends Home!

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Online Learning Opportunities List!

While students are not in school right now, we are hopeful that each child can have meaningful learning experiences while they are home. Students can be reading and practicing their math facts daily. They may also access any KCSD Online Programs through our Student Resources Page.

Additionally, the Greewnood Staff has worked to compile a list of Online Learning Opportunities for Students that your child may use to enrich his/her learning experience. Please continue to check back for daily activities! We look forward to connecting with you virtually over the next two weeks!

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Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls, Full Hearts

Hosted by 

Kennett Area Community Service

February 27, 2020

Red Clay Room 

Lunch: 11:30 am- 1:30 pm


Dinner: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tickets: $30

Purchase online at:

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Greenwood Elementary Named Title I Distinguished School

Each year, the Division of Federal Programs honors the top performing Title I Schools in Pennsylvania.  For the 2019-2020 school year, Greenwood

Elementary has been designated a Title I Distinguished School.  

Title I is a 100% federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local education agencies to improve learning opportunities.  Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts and mathematics.  

Each year, the Division of Federal Programs honors the top performing Title I schools in Pennsylvania.  This is a tremendous honor for Greenwood Elementary! 

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2020 Talent Show!

Get your talent ready and come participate in the Greenwood Talent Show!

EVERYONE who comes to the Talent Preview Night will get to perform in the show! However, you MUST come perform your talent act sometime during the Talent Preview Night if you’d like to be in the talent show.

This preview lets us know what equipment you’ll need for your act, collect your music and information for the program, ensure that all acts are positive and appropriate for our elementary school audience, and gives you an opportunity to practice in front of others!

You can do anything you’d like in the talent show!

You can sing, dance, tell a joke, show a magic trick, list the 50 states while standing on your head or anything you’d like. You can share your talent by yourself, or get with friends and create an act together.


Requirements for Participation:

  • TIME LIMIT: Act is NO LONGER than 2 minutes
  • MUSIC: If your act requires backup music, you must bring a CD or FLASH DRIVE to Talent Preview Night to turn in to us. Make sure the CD has ONLY your song on it and the song has been PRE-edited to 2 minutes or less.
  • APPROPRIATENESS: Please ensure that costuming and music lyrics are clearly appropriate for elementary school students and dance moves are not provocative in nature, even if they are innocently done. Parents, please be conservative in guiding your children to positive, age-appropriate music, dress and choreography.
  • You may only participate in TWO ACTS– one alone and one with a group.

Dress Rehearsals and Show Information:


Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday, February 20- 3:45- 5:30pm

Talent Show:

Friday, February 21- 7:00pm

Parents who have questions or need help can email Kelly Figueroa at

Alista tu talento y ven a participar en el Show de Talento de Greenwood!

QUIEN venga a la Noche Previa del Show de Talento, actuara en el show! Sin embargo, DEBES venir y realizar tu acto de talento en algún momento de la Noche Previa si te gustaría estar en el show de talentos.

Esta vista previa nos permite saber qué tipo de equipo necesitaras para tu acto, obtener tu música de fondo e información para el programa, asegurarnos de que todos los actos son positivos y apropiados para la audiencia de nuestra escuela primaria, y darte la oportunidad de practicar en frente de otros!

¡Puedes hacer cualquier cosa que te guste en el show de talento!

Puedes cantar, bailar, contar una broma, mostrar un truco de magia, decir el nombre de los 50 estados mientras estas parado de cabeza o algo más que te guste. Puedes compartir tu talento solo o hacerlo con amigos creando un acto juntos.

¡Elige un tiempo de registro! Por favor, elige un tiempo ANTES de la previa!!!

Requisitos para Participar:

  • TIEMPO LIMITE: El acto No puede durar más de 2 minutos
  • MUSICA: Si el acto requiere de música debes traer el CD la Noche Previa y entregarlo. Asegúrate que el CD tiene SOLO tu canción y que la canción ha sido PRE-editada a 2 minutos o menos.
  • ADECUADO: Por favor asegúrate de que el vestuario y la letra de las canciones sean apropiadas para los estudiantes de primaria y que los movimientos de baile no sean provocativos, incluso aunque sean inocentemente. Padres por favor sean conservadores en la orientación de sus hijos con música, vestimenta y coreografía.
  • Solamente puede hacer dos actos. Puede hacer uno solamente y uno con amigos.

Ensayo de Vestido e Información del Show



Jueves, 20 de febrero- 3:45pm

Show de Talento:

Viernes, 21 de febrero- 7:00pm

Padres que tienen preguntas o necesitan ayuda pueden mandar un email a Kelly Figueroa

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Students Visit Kennett Police Station

Miss Clendening’s fourth graders have been learning about Genetics and DNA. On Tuesday students traveled to the Southern Chester County Police Station to learn how the police use DNA. They were taught what types of DNA the police collect and how the police use it to solve crimes. Officer Raimato showed students how police collect DNA without contaminating evidence. The students also participated in a video conference call with Sarita Chauhan, a former parent and scientist, to learn more about DNA and ask an expert questions. Here is a fun fact from our learning, identical twins have identical DNA but they do not have the same fingerprints!

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Students Explore Geothermal Energy

On Wednesday, Miss Clendening’s 5th graders spent the afternoon at Bancroft Elementary. Students enjoyed some hands on activities using Snap Circuits Green Energy sets and had lunch in the cafeteria with Miss Clendening’s students from across the district. George Wolhafe, Kennett’s Director of Facilities, gave students a tour of Bancroft’s geothermal energy. Mr. Wolhafe explained every part of how geothermal energy works and answered questions from students. The students then shared their research on types of energy ranging from solar energy to nuclear energy. It was a fun afternoon filled with learning!

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Sing Your Heart Out Fall Performance!

Sing Your Heart Out

Students in first and second grade had the opportunity to participate in Sing Your Heart Out, an after school group organized by Mrs. Guenevere Finley. They recently had a fall performance for families and even sang for the morning announcements!

Click the video below to see their performance!

Sing Your Heart Out

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