Message from Dr. Marino

Dear Greenwood,

This is a thank you note!

As we already know, we have had a school year like no other. As Mrs. Stinson, likes to say, “We’ve been making history!” We made a lot of discoveries this year. We know a lot about digital learning now. We learned how to provide tech support for each other. We learned all about mask breaks and we invented countless ways to take our learning outside. We found out that we are so much more than teachers and students, we are inventors and explorers. And so I want to thank you! Thank you for being a part of this weird and wild school year. Thank you for learning different schedules and different ways of doing things. Thank you for figuring out how to be friendly and helpful to your classmates and teachers, even from a distance. Thank you for helping keep our school safe.

I know this has been a very challenging school year, but it was still a great Greenwood year! And Greenwood students are the reason why!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Marino

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