Nature Trail Clean Up Courtesy of Longwood Gardens

Greenwood Elementary School is fortunate to have a long-standing partnership with Longwood Gardens. Every summer, their interns spend a day working on the school’s Nature Trail and in the Courtyard Classroom. A special shout out to Mr. Burt Rothenberger, a Greenwood Elementary School friend and neighbor, who has been helping the school to maintain its outdoor spaces, as well.

A big “thank you” to Mr. Brian Trader and the 28 gardeners from Longwood Gardens’ intern and professional gardener programs for their work spreading wood chips, weeding, and removing invasives on the Greenwood Elementary School’s Nature Trail and in their Courtyard Native Plant Garden. This is the ninth year that Longwood Gardens has provided this much-needed and valued support to the school.

If you’re wondering what the “bouquet” is that the intern is holding, the one on the far left in the picture, it’s Japanese stilt grass!