Web Wise Kids

Dear Parents,

As we all know, the internet has been a wonderful tool which has changed the way the world communicates. However, along with the vast benefits, it has also created opportunities for those seeking to harm our children. Recognizing the need for young people to learn to protect themselves from internet dangers, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently partnered with Web Wise Kids, a national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering today’s youth to make wise choices online.

As a result of this partnership, we have been able to offer every public middle school in our district the MISSING computer game. The MISSING game empowers children with the skills and knowledge to become their own first line of defense. Training sessions for the software package were recently held for school officials from the region.

Additionally, Web Wise Kids has offered its parent training program, Wired With Wisdom, to all parents with children in public schools in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Wired With Wisdom has been specifically designed to be a user-friendly solution that provides parents, teachers, and law enforcement officers with useful information and solutions relating to the problems faced by today’s e-generation. The program features five learning components, each of which can be completed in only 20 minutes. Some of the issues addressed include: social networking, e-mail, chat rooms and instant messaging safety, cell phone dangers, and personal website dangers.

To receive Wired With Wisdom free of charge, please log on to the following website and enter the access password provided below:

Project Safe Childhood Pennsylvania
Address: http://www.webwisekids.org/PSCPA
Password: PSC


Patrick L. Meehan
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Pennsylvania